How do I teach using Fast Track Lessons?

Fast Track lessons are short 50 minute lessons which can be taught at an accelerated pace. Each Driving Question will have full Lessons (L),  Fast Track Lessons (FT) or Twig Coach Lessons (GO).

In this article we will look at:

How do I find Fast Track Lessons?

Fast Track Lessons can be found underneath Full Lessons on each Driving Question page. 

how to find fast track.png

What resources are available for Fast Track Lessons? 

Each Fast Track Lesson comes with:

  • Fast Track Assessment Overview: An assessment overview specific to the Fast Track Lessons
  • Fast Track Slides: Slides for Google Classroom and PowerPoint specifically for Fast Track Lessons
  • Pacing Guide: Our Pacing Guide shows the corresponding full lessons, provides a Fast Track Lesson summary and provides the lesson duration.

How do Digital Fast Track Lessons differ from print? 

Digital Fast Track Lessons include only sections highlighted by a Fast Track icon in the printed Teacher Edition.

This is how the digital lessons differ from the print:

  • The Overview has been adapted to reflect the content covered in the Fast Track route.
  • Any composite lessons have new lesson titles.
  • Instead of Spark, Investigate, Report, Connect, and Reflect, composite lessons have new section titles.
  • There is a bespoke Assessment Track, meaning that the digital lessons sometimes include content not signposted in print.
  • Academic terms are charted as they feature in lessons, meaning that there are fewer words added to the Word Wall.
  • Science Tools are introduced, charted, or referred to as they feature in lessons, meaning there are fewer references to the Science Tools poster.

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