Editing Performance Bandwidths

District Administrators can edit Assessment Performance Bandwidths from the Admin dashboard. 

Read our step by step guide or try out our interactive tutorial.

How do I edit Performance Bandwidths?

  1. From your Admin Dashboard click on Assessments.
  2. Now click Settings.


    On the Settings page you may have one Performance Bandwidth or multiple. If you have multiple Performance Bandwidths, the Settings page will allow you to select the correct Performance Bandwidth for each Content Collection. Here we're looking at how to edit one Performance Bandwidth.

  3. On the settings page you can see the bandwidths available and the collections the bandwidth is used in. To edit a bandwidth click on the pencil icon. Edit bandwidth.jpg
  4. Here you can delete, edit and add grading bands. Watch the short video below to see bandwidths being edited.
  5. Now click Save. 
  6. The edited bandwidth is now live and will update for any assessment collection the bandwidth is assigned to. 
  7. Reports will update to include the edited bandwidth. Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 12.11.24.png


Interactive Tutorial

Discover how to edit Performance Bandwidths with our interactive step by step guide below.

Best experienced in Full Screen Mode. Click this icon Screenshot to view in Full Screen Mode.