What is Live Class Monitoring?

Our comprehensive reports library provides a real-time view of how your classes and students are performing across all assessments.

This article will cover: 

What is Live Class Monitoring?

Live class monitoring allows you to see in real time how a student or class is progressing with a specific assessment.  As students answer questions you can see how long the class is taking with a specific question, and which questions are being answered correctly or incorrectly. 

With Live Class Monitoring you can;

  • see which students have answered specific questions
  • how they have answered
  • how they are progressing
  • get an overview of how many students have completed their assessments
  • mark submitted assessments
  • get an overview of progress and progression
  • filter by students or by type of question


How do I view live monitoring of different assessments or classes?

Switching between classes

Navigate to the Live Class Monitoring report. At the top of the page you will see one of your classes is already selected. To switch to a different class click the arrow next your class.2021-11-15_11-14-05.png

Switching between assessments

Navigate to the Live Class Monitoring report. At the top of the page you will see one of your assessments is already selected. To change this click on the pencil.2021-11-16_15-12-02.png

Now select the assessment you want to monitor and click Open.

What are the different view options for Live Class Monitoring?

In the Live Class Monitoring Report you can switch between the following views:

  • Summary
  • Details
  • Answers Preview

Summary view

This is the default view for this report. The Summary provides an overview of the class and assessment. As your students answer assessment questions this summary will change in live time.2021-11-15_12-25-42.png

Details view

The Details view allows you to switch between points and percentage for the view. It also provides further breakdown of how students are answering questions.2021-11-15_12-25-42.png

Answers Preview

While your students complete the assessment you can click Answer Preview. Here you can click on each question and see what the question is and how your student is answering it.2021-11-15_12-12-06.png


Watch a video demonstration of Live Class Monitoring