What is an Integrated 3-D Challenge?

In this article we'll look at:

Integrated 3-D Challenges overview

Each module on Twig Science features an Integrated 3-D Challenge. These sessions cover two or more disciplines of NGSS standards. In order to complete the assigned challenge, students will write and produce a video examining a specific phenomena. Each Integrated 3-D Challenge includes a detailed student Research Pack, a video bank, full teacher instructions, and an assessment rubric.

Videos can be created on Twig Science using our integrated video editor, Twig Create.  

Interactive Tutorial: Assigning Integrated 3-D Challenges

Follow our interactive step by step guide to find out how to assign Integrated  3-D Challenges.

Best experienced in Full Screen Mode. Click this icon Screenshot to view in Full Screen Mode.

Integrated 3-D Challenge Structure

Integrated 3-D Challenges can be found at module level once your chosen grade or subject has been selected in the Lesson Explorer. Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 14.52.00.png

Click on the Integrated 3-D Challenge link where you can find out more information about what a 3-D Challenge is, as well as a button to assign all sessions to students. 

Assign All Sessions link

You can assign all sessions to students by clicking Assign all sessions. Here you can choose start, end dates and the students you wish to take part in the challenge.

Please read How do I assign lessons to my students?  for more information on how to assign lessons. 

Underneath the Integrated 3-D Challenge Introduction and Assign all sessions link, you will see a number of tabs.

The Overview tab provides information on:

  • What an Integrated Challenge is
  • What Twig Create is and how it can help students with this challenge
  • The project brief for this challenge
  • Objectives and requirements
  • Performance Expectation Alignment

Integrated 3-D Challenge session breakdown

Click the Content tab to open the Integrated 3-D Challenge sessions. 2022-01-25_11-53-40.png

Each session contains:

  • Assign and Share link
  • Student view link
  • An overview
  • Teacher instructions 

Assign and share

You can assign sessions to students by clicking this link. Here you can choose start, end dates and the students you wish to take part in the challenge. Please read How do I assign lessons to my students?  for more information on how to assign lessons.

Student View

Here you can see the digital student version of the session.


Integrated 3-D challenges are only available on the digital platform. Print versions of the challenges are not available.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 15.28.54.png


How does a student open the video editor?

  1. The video editor is integrated into the student session. When the student reaches the Make Week part of the challenge, there will be a link to the video editor within the student session. 
  2. In the video editor you can select images, add music, title cards and narration. Simply  select an image folder, then drag and click the images to the timeline. use use this one.jpg
  3. A student can preview their video at any time by clicking Preview. When they are finished adding the shots to their timeline,  click Continue. Here they can edit each clip and add any text.
  4. Click Finish video to save. This might take a few seconds in the background to process the information and render the finished product.
  5. Once your video has finished rendering they may need to refresh the page to see their creation.

How do I view student videos?

You will be able to view and grade the 3-D integrated challenge, including student videos when a student turns in their session.

Click on the assigned session from your dashboard. Switch to Grade. Use the Student dropdown to select your Student. Now scroll down to the Twig Create video. 

How do I grade or leave feedback for this type of session?

You can grade or leave feedback for Integrated 3-D challenges as you would for any other session. Feedback for student videos can be left in the feedback text box located underneath the video.Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 16.51.31.png

How does a student use Twig Create for Integrated 3-D Challenges?

The platform has a detailed pdf handout available for students. It can be found on each session under Handouts.
Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 15.27.53.png

When an Integrated 3-D Challenge is assigned to a student, it will appear on their Student Dashboard. 

Your students should work through the session, completing each section. At the bottom of their session there is a section called Final Project which contains a link to the video editor.Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 15.06.14.png


Clicking on the video thumbnail opens the video editor.

Students can select from a library of video footage. Clips can be dragged into their video timeline. Text, music and narration can also be added. When a student first opens up the video player a number of suggested video slides will appear, however students can also browse through the extensive library. 

Here's an overview of the video editor:use use this one.jpgStudents can preview their video at any time by clicking Preview. When they're finished adding the shots to their timeline, they can click Continue. Here students can edit each clip and add any text.

To save their video, students need to click Finish video. This might take a few seconds in the background to process the information and render the video.

Can I access Twig Create and make my own video as a teacher?

Teachers can view the Twig Create video editor by:

  1. Assigning an Integrated 3-D session.
  2. Go to your Assignments and click on the assigned session. 
  3. Select Grade tab.
  4. Select My Copy from the student dropdown box.
  5. Scroll down and click on the Twig Create logo, this will now open the video editor.Twig create.png

Can a student create a video over several lessons? 

Students can come back to their video at any time to continue their work or to re-edit their video. To do this they just need to navigate to their assigned session, scroll down to the Final Project section and click on the action menu on the video thumbnail. 
Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 15.06.14.png

How does a student turn in their video for grading? 

A student should turn in their video for grading when they have completed the Integrated 3-D Challenge session. They can do this by clicking Turn in at the bottom of the page.

Once a session has been turned in for grading, students can no longer edit their video. 


The video editor is hosted on a different platform, so please check with support@twigscience.com if you encounter any access issues.

Can my students share devices when creating Integrated 3-D Challenge videos?

Wherever possible we would recommend students do not share devices when creating their videos, doing so may result in an error message.

  1. Select log out.
  2. Go back to Twig Science and refresh your page.