Rostering with Clever


In this guide we will look at how to roster and onboard your district using Clever:

Connecting Clever with Twig Science

The Twig Science platform supports integration with Clever for both:

  • Instant Login (SSO)
  • Secure Sync (Rostering)


Before we begin, you should be either piloting or have an active subscription for Twig Science, and be set up on Clever. For information on how to set up Clever, before adding Twig Science as an application, please go to: Clever Support: Setting up Clever

Set up the Twig Science app in Clever

Adding the Twig Science App to your dashboard:

  1. Log in to Clever.
  2. Visit this URL to connect to Twig Science:
  3. Select Already purchased and click the Request button.
  4. At the next step, select Request and share later.
  5. Use the following link to add Twig Science as an application: or navigate to Applications, click on Twig Science then Edit sharing under the Shared Data panel.

Setting up sharing rules

  1. Setup an appropriate data sharing rule to only share the students who require access to Twig Science.
  2. Watch this video from Clever for details on how to setup sharing rules.


    Keep in mind that sharing all district data may push you over your license limit. The number of students shared will need to be less than or equal to the number purchased.

Initiating the sync

  1. Once you have set up sharing rules we will receive notification of your request to connect. It may take us up to 24hrs to process your request.
  2. On connection, we will run an initial sync (unless you request otherwise), and will let you know when this is completed. Subsequently, automatic syncs will take place every night. 

Testing the sync

Use the Clever data browser to test the sync has been successful. Use Clever data browser to log in as a teacher and a student. 

Clever Instant Login (SSO)

Clever Instant Login allows your users to use their Clever login (or badge) to sign into the Twig Science platform. You can do this via your Clever dashboard, or from the Twig Science login page.

We support the following roles:

Students, Teachers and Administrators

Students, teachers and administrators will be able to access the Twig Science application from their Clever dashboard, by pressing on the Twig Science application icon. As a result they will be automatically logged in the Twig Science application.

District Account Owner

Twig Science will provide the district with a single non-Clever user account: District Account Owner. This account will be able to trigger on-demand Clever syncs. Please contact Twig Science if you have not been provided with a District Account Owner login. 

Clever Secure Sync (Rostering)

Twig Science supports Clever Secure Sync to create and manage user records in the platform. This section outlines the data sharing requirements and synchronization options.

Data Access & Sharing Permissions

Twig Science will request access and will sync the following data via Clever:

Students Teachers Sections/classes Schools

Mandatory fields:

  • clever_id
  • name_first
  • name_last

Optional fields:

  • sis_id
  • state_id
  • student_number
  • name_middle
  • email


There are two ways to sync with Twig Science:

  • Automated Nightly Sync: Twig Science will sync with Clever every night at approximately 12:00 AM PT. Any new records that are not found in Twig Science will be added. Updates will be done for existing records. Missing records will be deactivated in Twig Science.
  • On-Demand Sync: The district account owner can trigger an on-demand sync if an update is needed sooner than the automatic nightly Clever-Twig Science sync. Use your District Admin user account to trigger a sync.

Step by step guide to managing and triggering on-demand syncs

You can manually sync data at any time using your district admin credentials.

Discover how to trigger a sync with our interactive step by step guide below.

Step by step guide to syncing with Clever

Enabling Google Classroom Single Sign On

You can allow users to log in using Google credentials simply by using Google email addresses in your users.csv file. In the users.csv file  simply add google email addresses to the "email" column.

This will allow users to log in here.

 Note: Google Workspace for Education

If your district uses Google Workspace for Education, you will need approve the Twig Science app on your Google Console first. Please read Google's guide: Control which third-party & internal apps access Google Workspace data