How do I end or pause an assessment?

Once you have assigned an assessment, you can choose to end the assessment before the pre-set end date or to  pause the assessment. If you wish to end an assessment before the due date you can do this by navigating to the Assessment Center. 

In this article we will cover:

Ending an assessment

  1. Go to the Assessment Center and select the assessment you want to revoke. revoke.png
  2. Click End now.end now.png
  3. You will see a confirmation message. If you wish to proceed click Yes.proceed message.png
  4. The assessment will be marked as submitted, and can now be graded. 

Reopening a closed assessment

Once an assessment has been closed you can reopen it prior to grading. 

  1. Navigate to the assessment you wish to reopen. 
  2. Scroll down and select your class by clicking the select box, or click the box next to each student you wish to reopen the assessment for. reopen.png
  3. Now click Reopen Assessment.reopen 2.png
  4. Here you can click Reopen or Next. Clicking reopen will open the assessment allowing student access. Clicking next allows you to review the assessment's settings such as start and end date before reopening it. Reopen or Next.png

Pausing an Assessment

If you want to stop access for an assessment for a short period of time, you can pause an assessment instead ending it. 

  1. Navigate to the Assessment Center and to your chosen assessment.Pause.png
  2. A message will appear asking you to confirm pausing the assessment. Students will not have access to an assessment while it is paused. 
  3. The status of the assessment will change. You can reopen the assessment by clicking Resume.resume.png