How do I find and share resources with my students?

Twig Science has a number of digital resources which can be shared at Module level.

In this article we will look at:

Where do I find teaching resources?

Teaching resources are available for each module, and can be found at module level.

Navigate to your chosen module, scroll down to the tab menu and select Resources.

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What resources are available?

Under the Resources tab, you will find:

  • Planning Resources: Here you'll find the Module trailer and Performance Expectation Progressions
  • Print Materials: Here you'll find links to the module's Teacher Edition, Twig Journal, and Twig Journal with answers.
  • Hands-on Kit: Here you'll find the PDF version of the module's kit list.
  • Prior Knowledge: Here you'll find a Prior Knowledge PDF and context films.

Planning Resources

Planning resources tab provides access to resources to help you plan and prep prior to teaching.

The Module trailer is a short video which aims to introduce the main themes of the module.

You'll also find helpful PDFs such as Performance Expectation Progressions and Phenomena Trackers.

Print Materials

Here you'll find quick links to our print materials, such as the Teacher's Edition and Twig Journal.

Hands-on Kit

The Hands-on Kit section provides a link to a PDF detailing all the equipment provided for experiments.

Prior Knowledge

Prior Knowledge resources aim to identify any potential gaps of knowledge students may have.

The Prior Knowledge PDF document identifies key concepts and vocabulary that students should understand prior to starting the module.

Prior Knowledge resources also include short context videos which can be shared with students before starting a new module. 2022-03-30_16-35-01.png

How do I share a digital resource with my students?

Digital resources can be shared at the Module level. For more information on how Twig Science content is structured please read: How is a Twig Science lesson structured.


Navigate to your chosen module and click Resources. Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 13.40.03.pngNow either select Share via Google Classroom, Share via Microsoft Teams or Share via URL.