Getting started with the Assessment Center

Read our quick start guide to Twig Science's Assessment Center.  Twig's Assessment Center has everything you need to browse, assign, track, grade, and review the progress of Benchmark Assessments.

In this article we will cover:

A video walk-through of the Assessment Center

A video walk-through of the Assessment Library


A video walk-through of the Reports Center

Assessment Center Overview The Assessment Center consists of three areas:

  • The Assessment Library—browse and assign assessments.
  • The Assessment Center—manage, track and grade assessments.
  • Reports—track class and student performance. 

The Assessment Library

Content Collections

The Assessment Library allows you to switch between various assessment collections. Simply select the relevant collection from the drop down box. 2021-10-27_13-52-48.png

Browse or filter assessments

You can then browse or filter assessments and see an overview of each. 

To filter use the box at the right hand side to search through the assessment collection. 2021-10-26_12-22-07.png

Assigning the assessment

Once you've found the assessment you wish to assign, click the title link. 

Here you can:

  • Read the teacher instructions
  • See corresponding standards
  • View the assessment as a student by clicking Preview
  • See the correct answers
  • Assign the assessment

For a full guide to assigning an assessment please read How do I assign an assessment to my students?

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center allows you to track, manage and grade all assigned assessments. You can get a complete overview of the progression and completion of all assigned assessments.

Tracking assessments

The progression tracker at the top of the page provides a breakdown of the status of your assessments. You can use the progress tracker to filter the assessments based on progress. 


Managing an assessment

You can manage a specific assessment by clicking on it in the Assessment Center.

Now you can see the status of each student assessment. 2021-10-27_10-00-21.png

Here you can see the progression and performance of each student, and you can also share the results with each student.

For a real-time breakdown of how students are progressing with assessments please read: What is Live Class Monitoring?


You can grade student assessments here by clicking View Answers or Grade Assignment. 2021-10-27_10-09-06.png
Multiple choice questions will be automatically graded, however these scores can be edited by you. Essay or diagram questions have grading instructions and rubrics available in the assessment. For more information on how to grade an assessment on Twig Science please read: How do I grade an assessment?


The Reports library allows you to get a real-time view into how your classes and students are performing across a specific assessment, all assessments, and the standards that are covered by a collection.

For a more detailed view of our Reports library please read: Where can I access assessment reports?


From your dashboard you can find the Assessment Center in the left hand side menu.Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 15.12.png

How to navigate to the Assessment Center from the Assessment Explorer

The Assessment Explorer is located within the Lesson Explorer and provides and overview of assessments available for every grade, module and lesson on Twig Science. This provides an overview of all the types of assessments available for each lesson. You can also go directly to the Assessment Center or Student Session from the Assessment Explorer. 

From the dashboard navigate to the Lesson Explorer by selecting Teach then Lesson Explorer or select a Grade Quick Link.


In the Lesson Explorer select a grade, module or lesson. Scroll down and click the Assessment tab.

To see assessments available for each Grade select the assessment tab on Grade view.
To see assessments available for a specific module select the assessment tab on Module view.
To see assessments available for a specific lesson select the assessment tab on Lesson view.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 15.40.50.png

From the Assessment tab you can go directly to the Assessment Center or Student Session.