Getting started with the Lesson Explorer

The Lesson Explorer is at the heart of Twig Science, and provides an easy way to navigate through Grades, Modules, Lessons and Sessions. Read our quick start guide to discover the teaching structure of Middle School Twig Science. The Lesson Explorer helps you navigate and filter teaching content  by grade, module, lesson and session.

In this article we will cover:

  1. From your dashboard click Teach
  2. Now click Lesson ExplorerScreenshot 2021-11-08 at 21.29.png

How is content structured?

From the Lesson Explorer content can be filtered using the Content Selector at the top of the page. 2021-11-09_21-44-41.png

Content is structured by:

  • Grade
    • Module
      • Lesson
        • Session

Getting to know Modules

Each Grade has a number of Modules. Modules are collections of lessons and assessments which aim to help the student investigate a specific scientific theory.

Each Module features a trailer to introduce your students to the anchor phenomenon, and to get your class ready for their investigation.

On the Module page you can;

  • Play the trailer
  • Assign all sessions in the module
  • View the lessons and assessments which make up the module
  • See the standards which are mapped to the module
  • View Professional Learning resources such as Teaching Background Information
  • View Module resources which can be shared via url or Google Classroom


Getting to know Lessons

Each Module has a number of Lessons. Lessons look at a specific  driving question connected to the Module investigation. Lessons are made up of a number of small sessions. 

On the Lesson page you can;

  • Assign all sessions in the Lesson
  • View the sessions which comprise the lesson
  • See the standards which are mapped to the lesson
  • View Professional Learning resources such as Teaching Background Information
  • View the lessons structural flow

Twig-Science new.jpg

Getting to know Sessions

Each Lesson has a number of Sessions. Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length and look at a specific assignment  to help form part of the lesson investigation. 

On the Session page you can;

  • Assign or share the session
  • View the student version of the assignment
  • View the  online Twig Journal
  • View the online Twig Journal with answers
  • See a overview of the session
  • View the prep section which details anything you need to prepare for the assignment
  • View the mapped standards
  • View teacher instructions
  • View and share digital resources for the session

Viewing different versions of the assignment

From the Sessions page you can access the Student view of the assignment, as well as viewing the online Twig Journal. 2021-11-10_10-52-09.png

Session overview

The session overview contains:

  • The Driving Question for the session
  • Investigative Phenomenon
  • Session Overview
  • Session Objectives
  • 5E Instructional Flow


Prep overview

Some sessions will require work to be carried out prior to your student session.

The Prep tab contains: 

  • Prep—a step by step guide to anything you need to do prior to the session.
  • Teacher Resources—a list of equipment you will need.
  • Digital Resources—videos and visuals for the lesson.
  • Professional Learning—teacher background information.


Teacher instructions

Teacher instructions are a step by step guide to the session. The instructions provide a structure to the session and indicates when to show visuals or videos, and when to carry out experiments or labs. The instructions also detail key questions to ask your students. 2021-11-10_14-54-28.png

Digital Resources

Any videos or visuals for your session can be found under this tab for you to print or share. 

Getting to know Integrated 3-D Challenges

Integrated 3-D Challenges help students make cross-discipline connections by applying their growing knowledge of science concepts to solve problems and make sense of phenomena.

Each module on Twig Science features an Integrated 3-D Challenge. These sessions cover two or more disciplines of NGSS standards. In order to complete the assigned challenge, students will write and produce a video examining a specific phenomena. 

Integrated 3-D Challenge Structure

At module level,  you will see Integrated 3-D Challenges below all other modules at your chosen grade in the Lesson Explorer. 

Click on the Integrated 3-D Challenge link and you will now see:

  • A button to assign all sessions
  • Challenge overview
  • A breakdown of content sessions
  • Resources

For more information about 3-D Integrated Challenges please read: What is an Integrated 3-D Challenge?