How do I leave feedback on a digital Twig Book?

You can leave feedback for students on any digital Twig Book lessons. Students can then view their lesson and read any feedback.

Leaving feedback on a Digital Twig Book lesson

Once your student has completed the assigned lesson, you can leave feedback on all answers.

  1. Navigate to the lesson you assigned. Click Twig Book.
  2. Select Digital.
  3. Select your class.
  4. Select View by Student or View by Question.
  5. You'll now be able to see student answers.
  6. Click on the green bubble underneath each answer to leave feedback.
  7. When you've left a comment, click Save on the text box.
  8. When your student next logs in they'll see a notification on their Student Dashboard. 
  9. Any feedback you've left will appear on the student's lesson in a green speech bubble. 
  10. To view feedback the student should click on the green speech bubble. 
  11. Once your student has read the feedback the icon will turn from green to white. When your student has read all the feedback the notifications will disappear from their student dashboard.

Editing or deleting feedback on a Digital Twig Book lesson

Once you've left feedback, you can edit or delete your feedback at any time.

  1. Navigate to the student's lesson where you've left feedback.
  2. Click on the green speech bubble icon. Here you'll see the last comment you left.
  3. You can now edit the comment.
  4. To delete the comment, remove all the text in the text box and click delete.