How do students manage their assessments?

This guide will cover the following topics:

How does a student find an assessment?

  1. Students can click Assessments from their Twig Science Dashboard to see a list of all of the assessments which have been assigned to them.
  2. On this page, they can see new assessments and completed assessments.Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 14.07.png

How does a student complete an assessment?

During an assessment, your students will have the ability to draw, write, and select answers to each question.

We also support displaying assessments with the layout of the California Science Test (CAST) so that your students can become familiar with the format of formal standardized testing.

You can watch students complete their assessments in real time with our Live Class Monitoring Assessment Reports. This is only available for scored assessments.

How does a student view assessment results?

When you share assessment results with your students, their score will appear within the card on their Dashboard.

From there, they have the ability to open an assessment to see how they performed against each question.


You can preview and edit any assessment in the Twig Science Assessment Library before assigning an assessment to your class. Please read: How do I edit an assessment?

How do I access the student view of any assessment?

Please navigate to the Assessment Center and select the assessment you wish to assign to your students. Please read: How do I assign an assessment?

View the assessment as a student by:

  1. Navigate to your chosen assessment.
  2. Here you will see a menu with a number of options.2021-10-07_15-50-21.png
  3. Click Preview.
  4. A new tab will open where you can progress through the assessment as a student would.2021-10-07_16-06-09.png
  5. When you are finished viewing the assessment, go back to your original tab.