How do I present a Twig Science lesson in class?

Each lesson comes with a series of slides to lead your class through the lesson.

In this article we'll look at:

How do I present a Twig Science lesson in class?

  1. Log in to Twig Science.
  2. Navigate to the Lesson you want to teach, using the Lesson Explorer.
  3. Click Present Lesson.
  4. Alternatively click the Present button on any asset thumbnail.
  5. A new tab will open with the Presenter View. If using multiple monitors, you can drag this window to another screen to present it.

How do I control the Presenter View?

The presenter view can be controlled using the buttons along the bottom of the screen:

Previous / Next slide - Navigates sequentially through the slides.
Slide Thumbnails - Opens & closes a drawer showing thumbnails of all slides available, for quick navigation.
Fullscreen - Puts the Presenter View into fullscreen mode. Click again to exit fullscreen mode, or press ESC on your keyboard.
Show Print TwigBook - Shows the relevant print Twig Book page that relates to the slide. Click again to close.
Show Digital TwigBook - Shows the relevant Digital Twig Book page that relates to the slide. Click again to close.
Annotate - Opens the drawing panel so you can draw on top of the existing slide. NOTE: Drawings only persist whilst the Presenter View is open, they are not stored permanently.
Print - Opens a printable view of slide thumbnails for easy reference.
Language - If the slide is available in multiple languages, you can choose which one to display.
Flip controls - Press to flip the controls from left to right - especially useful if you are standing to one side of an interactive whiteboard.

How do I use Classroom prompts?

Classroom prompts appear within each lesson on Twig Science. These prompts are designed to engage students and help you lead the lesson. The Classroom prompts can be found through out the Lesson view and when in Present Lesson mode.

Using Classroom prompts in Lesson view

Classroom prompts in Lesson view are little reminders of the next step of the lesson.

In the Lesson view you'll see the slide image for Present mode and a small description of the lesson task.

The slides in Present mode give you a prompt to;

  • lead a discussion
  • review a rubric
  • launch an activity
  • review prior knowledge.

Using Classroom prompts in Present mode

When using Present mode, Classroom prompts act as introductions to lesson tasks and help the students to stay engaged in the lesson. 

  1. Go to the lesson you plan on teaching.
  2. Click the Present Lesson button.
  3. You can now navigate through the lesson. You will encounter Classroom prompts as you navigate through the slides. 

Interactive Tutorial: Present Mode

Follow our interactive step by step guide to find out how to use Present mode.

Best experienced in Full Screen Mode. Click this icon Screenshot to view in Full Screen Mode.