How to use the Lesson Explorer

The Lesson Explorer provides an easy way to navigate through Grades, Modules, Driving Questions and Lessons. Read our quick start guide to discover the teaching structure of Twig Science K-5.

In this article we will cover:

There are two ways to navigate to the Lesson Explorer.

Navigate to the Lesson Explorer from your Teacher Dashboard

You can access the Lesson Explorer quickly from your Teacher Dashboard by selecting your chosen grade.
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To navigate to the Lesson Explorer from anywhere on the site you can use the main navigation menu. Simply select Teach then Lesson Explorer.

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How is content structured?

Content is structured in the following way:

  • Grade
    • Module
      • Driving Question
        • Lesson

Each Grade level contains a number of Modules. Each Module is made up of a number of Driving Questions and each Driving Question is made up of a series of Lessons.

Getting to know Modules

Module quick links

On the Module page you will see a list of modules for your chosen grade, as well as some quick links to:


View PE Progressions

Here you can view the Performance Expectation Progressions for each module in the selected grade.

A new window will open with the option to access a read aloud version of the document, or you can download a pdf version.
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Watch Structure Video

You can watch a quick video which explains the breakdown of content on Twig Science.

Lab Kit Materials

Here you can see a list or download a PDF of all lab equipment needed for each module. Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 11.28.15.png

Teacher Provided Materials

Click here for a list of all the teacher provided materials. You can access a read aloud version or download the PDF.2022-02-03_16-47-55.png

Phenomena Tracker

Access the Phenomena Tracker for your chosen grade. You can view the read aloud version or download the pdf.Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 16.52.00.png

Module breakdown

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Getting to know Driving Questions 

DQ.pngOn the Driving Questions page you will see a number of lesson options:

  • Full Course Lessons
  • Fast Track Lessons
  • Twig Coach lessons

These are the different type of lessons you can teach varying from full course lessons, to small bite size lessons to assign and go lessons. 

Quick links at Driving Question level

  • Assign Twig Books for this DQ: Opens up a window for you to assign any type of lesson to any class or student.
  • Teacher Background knowledge: Links to our Teacher Background Knowledge section
  • Word Wall Cards: Links to Word Wall PDF.

Each lesson type has specific quick link resources:

  • Full Lessons: Assessment Summary, Open Slides, Pacing Guide
  • Fast Track Lessons: Assessment Summary, Open Slides, Pacing Guide
  • Twig Coach Lessons: Scope and Sequence PDF

Getting to know Lessons