How do I view my students' answers for online Twig Book lessons?

Students can type answers directly into the online Twig Book using their computer or tablet. You can then view your student’s answers and see Answer Guidance for each lesson.

Viewing your students’ answers

There are two ways to grade online Twig Book answers: 

  • View by Student: Grade complete student lessons by selecting this option. Switch between students' completed lessons by using the student dropdown. 
  • View by Question: Grade one question for all students at once by selecting this option. Switch between lesson questions by using the question dropdown. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to view your students' answers:

  1. Open up your Twig Science lesson by navigating to the lesson and clicking on Twig Book. Click Digital.Twig_Book-_digital.jpg
  2. If you have multiple classes, use the Select Class dropdown to select your class. select_class.jpg
  3. You can now choose to view by Student or by Question. Viewing by Student allows you to see an entire student's lesson. Viewing by Question  allows you to select a specific question. All student answers to the question selected will be listed one after the other. View_by.jpg
  4. Now select either the student you wish to view, or the question type.
  5. You can use the dropdown box to switch between students or questions. question_drop_down.jpg