How do I save my own notes in a digital Twig Book lesson?

All digital Twig Book Lessons provide you with My Copy. This is your very own copy of the lesson, where you can leave your own notes. You can also see Answer Guidance for each lesson when using the digital Twig Book.

Using My Copy of digital Twig Book

  1. Open up your Twig Science lesson by navigating to the lesson and clicking on Twig Book. Select Digital.Twig_Book-_digital.jpg
  2. Select View by Student.View_by.jpg
  3. Locate the Select a Student dropdown.
  4. Click on the arrow at the side of the drop down.
  5. Select My Copy.
  6. You will now be able to type into the text boxes on the lesson and save your own notes or example answers.
  7. Make sure you save your copy by clicking Save Answers.
  8. These notes can now be viewed by selecting My Copy when in a lesson on your digital Twig Book.