End of Year Rollover Process

How do I help my district prepare for next year?

To help ensure next year’s rostering is a smooth process, it is important to end this year with a plan on how to handle rostering data and how to communicate this to schools and teachers.

This article will cover:

End of Year Checklist

We have a simple to follow checklist to help make rostering next year as easy as possible.

Before the end of year consider the following:

  • Exporting data: Do your teachers need to export any data? Contact teachers to ensure they have entered all assessment scores into their grade book, and have downloaded any assessment reports.
  • Summer School: Do you plan on using digital resources for summer school? If so please ensure your summer school roster is up to date prior to June 21 2023. We will be initiating a data freeze on June 21 2023 so all summer school rostering data must be imported prior to this.
  • Rostering Plan: Do you intend to use the same rostering methods next year? If you wish to change your current rostering method please get in touch with Support@twigscience.com

Rostering Data Freeze

Once your school year is complete, Twig Science will initiate a roster freeze for all rostering methods. From June 21, 2023 - July 28, 2023, all automatic roster syncing from Clever and Classlink, as well as manual CSV processing, will be frozen.

Please do not upload any new data or try to initiate a sync until after July 28, 2023. This is when Twig will start to accept automatic roster syncing and manual CSV uploads for the new school year. This ensures that users rostered at the end of the year will have access to Twig Science over the summer.

Back to School Process

At the end of Twig Science’s data freeze all the previous year’s data will be archived. Data archived from the previous year will be accessible and viewable by teachers and students via the Twig Science platform. Any rostering data or user data (e.g., Twig Book answers) added to Twig Science from this point forward will be attributed to the new school year.