Teaching out of sequence: What are Concept Builders?

In this article we'll look at:

What are Concept Builders?

Concept Builders are additional tasks that are available for a number of sessions. They are designed as an extra resource to support students who have not yet been introduced to the key skills and concepts required for upcoming sessions, or could benefit from reviewing the key skills and concepts.

If you are teaching materials in a sequence which differs from the National program, you may need to use these to address concepts which students have not yet met due to differences in the order that modules have assumed to be taught.  

Concept builders are built into the teaching sequence within sessions, so the tasks can be included where prior knowledge of the skills and concepts addressed are required by the class. They typically require between 5 and 30 minutes of additional teaching time.

Concept Builders are available on a number of sessions, and can be located within Teacher Instructions.

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