Integrate Twig Science Elementary with Schoology

Twig Science integration with Schoology provides teachers and students with access to all modules and assessments simply by signing into their Schoology account. When Schoology users install the Twig Science app, they will be able to use single-sign-on (SSO) to access Twig content from their Schoology account and use Assessment Grade Passback.

In this article we will look at:

What do I need to know about Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and K-6 Thin Common Cartridge (TCC)?

For districts using Schoology and Twig Science K6, LTI integrations are now available via Thin Common Cartridge (TCC).

All Twig Science Thin Common Cartridge programs are IMS-global validated to show compliance with the following IMS specifications:

TCC v1.2 & v1.3 – This is the delivery package that allows program content information to be seen within the customer’s system.

What is the process for setting up integration with Schoology?

If your district requires integration with Schoology, a Twig Science Technical Support Agent will send instructions to the District Account Owner on how to receive the Thin Common Cartridge (Thin Common Cartridge® refers to one set of digital standards created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium to enable credentials required to access Twig Science content).

The process for integration is approximately 14 working days. This is dependent on the exchange of data to and from the District Account Owner and Twig Science Technical Support to support the integration.

You will need to:

  1. Provide your Schoology Client Id to Twig Science Technical Support
  2. Receive LMS Configuration URLs from Twig Science Technical Support
  3. Import the Thin Common Cartridge (TCC)
  4. Configure Schoology for the Twig Science App

Provide your Schoology Client Id to Twig Science Technical Support

We will ask you to provide your Schoology Client Id for us to begin the integration process.

Follow these steps to obtain your Schoology Client Id from Schoology:

  1. Log into Schoology
  2. Go to API information panel
  3. Copy the Client ID
  4. Send the Client ID to Twig Science Technical Support Agentschoology 2.png

Receive LMS Configuration URLs from Twig Science Technical Support

We will send you an email containing the LMS Configuration URLs you will need.

We will provide you with:

  • Domain / Launch URL
  • OIDC Login Init. URL
  • Redirect URLs

Import the Thin Common Cartridge (TCC)

  1. Log into Schoology and navigate to your Personal Resource.
  2. Click the down-facing arrow in the menu and select Import.
  3. Choose the option to import a Common Cartridge (.imscc) file as a new collection.Image 20-10-2022 at 15.32.png
  4. Name the Collection and click Next. Note: Only following question types are supported in Schoology: Image 20-10-2022 at 15.35.png
  5. Attach the .imscc file from your computer or device (provided by Twig Education) and click Next.
  6. In Schoology, enter the Unique URLs provided by Twig Science Tech Support. This will be a unique URL per district. schoology3.png

Configure Schoology for the Twig Science App

  1. Click the App Center icon App center icon image, Image 20-10-2022 at 15.37.png then select App Center.
  2. Locate the Twig Science and click the title.
  3. Click Install App.
  4. Click I Agree to the terms to continue with the installation.
  5. Click Add to Organization.
  6. You will be directed to Organization Apps to continue the installation.
  7. Click Install/Remove displayed next to the app title.

For each Assignment, change the Tool Provider to Twig Science (not “Automatic, based on URL”) and check Enable Grading for Grade Passback. Note: Google Slides and K6 Science Glossary are unsupported asset types at this time.

For more detailed instructions and a brief video, see the Installing Apps article in the Schoology Help Center.

What are my rostering options, when using a LMS like Schoology?

Districts that have already rostered via Twig Science for 2022 should continue as planned for the remainder of the year. However you can plan out the implementation with our Twig Science Tech Support Agent for the next academic year. To enquire about switching to a LMS please contact Contact the Customer Success Manager to start the process.

How do students and teachers login using Schoology?

Students and Teachers first log into Schoology then navigate to Twig Science app using credentials provided by the District. For more information about adding Twig Science to Schoology accounts please read: Installing Apps article in the Schoology Help Center.

Does my LMS Support Grade Passback?

Twig Assessment items will pass scores back to the Schoology gradebook. Schoology does not currently support content status feedback (turned in, not started, etc.) that are available for Twig Module Assets — these assets can be manually graded in the Schoology gradebook.