How do I access assessment reports for my district?

District Administrators and Administrators can access assessment reports for their whole district, or schools. Assessment reports allow you to compare schools, view school performance, view engagement and usage reports.

In this article we'll look at:

To access district admin tools on Twig Science log in with your District Admin credentials. If you do not know your credentials, please contact

Once logged in click Assessment Reports.Screenshot

Here you will see a menu of different reports available. Screenshot


What types of assessments are available?

Please note that Administrators also have access to reports, however the type of reports available will vary from a District Admin account. 

  • School Comparison Report: Compare the performance of all assigned assessments for each school in your district. 
  • Standards Mastery for All Schools: View an aggregate of all the schools for the standards mastery assessed in the assessments.
  • School Performance Report: Analyze the performance of a school and classes within your district.
  • Engagement Report: View the number of users and their usage by: Unique and total logins, usage by browser, and assessments assigned to students.
  • Assessment Usage Report: View assessment usage across schools in your district. 

What assessment reporting tools are available?

Each report can be printed, or exported as a CSV file. Reports are also filterable and dates can be edited.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 12.26.png